The likelihood of obtaining a whip inside a 75-125 kill range is possible

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The likelihood RuneScape gold of obtaining a whip inside a 75-125 kill range is possible, not tipacal, but potential. You have more of a chance of getting it inside a 1-540 kill array. However, you may not get one. Also, if you ask anybody why they train slayer, its nearly always for the big drops. Ex: Saved from abby deamons, sol from ice hockey strykewyrms etc.

Even if they slay for those drops most of their profit wont come out of them, particularly on ice wyrms they have amazing drops, the SOL is only a small bonus. The 1/540 comes from the ordinary fall (mite be 520 cant recall ) but it comes from gamers submitting how many kills it requires them to get a whip, yes its possible to have in your scope, but isnt the drop speed.

Helm of Neitiznot - It's a good'balanced' helm, get Verac's/Torag's helm should you want more defensive stats or Fighter hat to get offensive stats (about the same stats as a Rune full helm but with with bonuses in the Stab, Slash and Crush attack styles)

Guthans Plate - Adequate, Fighter torso gives a nice Strength bonus so that it's also a good option if you can not manage Bandos; also I'm not 100% sure about this but I believe Torag's (and Dharok's) gives marginally better defensive stats and is only worth 650kish so it's worth getting imo.

Dragon Boots - Regen Bracelet - Barrow gloves or Dragon gaunts when you have not finished RFD. Explorers Ring - Warrior's ring isn't very expensive (300kish I think?) So you should get one. Obby Cape - In case you do not possess a skillcape/fire cape that is buy RS gold the ideal cape you can purchase so that it's good.