I am sure everyone here is tired of this sort of issue

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After RuneScape gold hitting about 20 or so, proceed to the Minotaurs in the very first level of the Stronghold of Secruity. Find an area that matches for your liking and safespot from behind a fence. They drop iron arrows quite frequently so it is pretty much free coaching. After 50, go back to the flesh crawlers in that south-east corner area. You can safe spot them in the square at the door nearest to the wallsocket.

If you want food, go to world 1 at which folks power fishing, then offering free trout/salmon. Magic: Train the mage dumbies until it stops you from doing this. You may by then got the magic level required for some curses. Cast these curse spells on the Zamorak monk in the Varrock Castle, right behind the staircase. As soon as you reach the right magic level ( I believe it is 25) cast Curse on the Zamorak monk. When the level is achieved, it is possible to even superheat (really fast xp, and you break even if you make steel bars) or higher alch. Leave prayer alone, keep your assault at 40 (45 if you receive the gravite 2h).

First off, I am sure everyone here is tired of this sort of issue, so it's absolutely fine if no one wishes to reply, but thanks for taking the time to read it anyway. Since the release of the Fight Kiln will come later this month, I really wanted to get a fire cape. I've tried 2-3 times already without any chance.Please take someone's advice on this if n0t mine. Since you sir r a genius yes 5% boost from chiv - piety is obviously worth like 5-6m unrefundable yes genius thought sir and of course you know about that considering you've 46 prayer. Yeah actually I have 71 prayer and even if I didn't 5-6percent on level 70 stats is just another four levels in each stat, which considering his low stats will be worth 5m, or even without low stats it always would be.

Have fun dying then. We continue saying you wont last yet you keep insisting you know over the people actually providing you the advice. Be there and another staff WILL crash buy RS gold you and you will have wasted your $ (which you did) and time (which you may ). Kthxbai.