I get the death darts and gear up for battle once more

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Posted 12 days ago in Gaming.

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Okay OSRS gold everyone, get ready with your down-votes because I have another question... I've one of those treasure chests out of Carnillean Growing, as I am sure many of you do also. Yes, I understand you can bury it to host your very own private treasure hunt. But that's all.

I'd love to set a small prize in it and bury it. But how can anyone else open it if I have to decide on a pin on it or give out keys. Should I bury it a given universe, does this exist on all worlds, or only the world I buried it on? And how do other people find it, let alone even understand one is buried someplace?

Another thing I'm concerned about is I do not wish to start announcing a treasure hunt. I'm 99% sure that some scammer will turn this thing into a scam sooner or later. I can just picture all of the scammers in the GE shouting outside,"Hosting Treasure Chest hunt! Legit!" And I really don't want to be connected with that. I really don't need to be like this idiot who says,"I only want the nice people to answer my question" (though I am beginning to know why he states that everywhere). But please, if you don't have anything nice or helpful to say in response, then please pass my query over. After using the dart you will go right to the component of fighting as Vanescula. (which is a safe fight) Thanks - I had forgot about vanescula, but knew she was the easy part - lol. The very first critter kill was quickly also - I lagged, but that protector was immediately discharged. I've had vanstrom almost ded a few times and my hope was up - until my connection no longer carried commands and I died with 8 sharks left and bummer my clicker failed me.

I get the death darts and gear up for battle once more - this time with death kill darts. My thought would be to place him away on the first available attack - Or do I want to tempt him round the water puddle to finish him off? No. You don't need to lure him. That component gets skipped. (You still need the bottle of water in your inventory) You just need to bring one dart. Equip it and attack him as soon as you can. My mom just did it a couple of days ago so I understand. I like the darts give people who have slower computers and/or slow connections. The opportunity to complete a quest like this. I just wish there was something similar. When I was attempting to do the firepit space during RS07 Gold Summer's End. Vanstrom was easier than that for me personally.