Make your dreams a reality with a personalized custom jewelry experience!

Make your dreams a reality with a personalized custom jewelry experience!

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STEP 1. DREAM IT! Make an appointment and send us your pictures and ideas before you visit. You don’t have to be creative! When you arrive, you’ll meet with our expert jewelers who will help create your design. Right before your eyes, we’ll use precision software to create a computer design of your custom piece. From start to finish, you have complete creative control! Have old jewelry? Bring it in, and we can make it into something new too.To get more news about custom jewelry manufacturers, you can visit official website.
STEP 2. THE MAGIC STARTS! After you approve the design, our expert jewelers and staff will review pricing options for each part of your custom project. It’s affordable and easy! We will work together to bring your one-of-a-kind piece to life and keep it within your budget.

STEP 3. THE BEST PART! Now, we’ll work with you to hand-select any stones and materials before we start. Now, your design is ready to come to life! Before the presentation, our jewelers meticulously inspect each piece, promising high, verified quality for a lifetime treasure.

STEP 4. THE PRESENTATION! Once it’s ready, we’ll call you to pick-up your one-of-a-kind piece. We’re happy to be a part of your story as we present you with your latest treasure. It’s something which you can save for generations and generations.