This electric bicycle with automatic balance system will follow you anytime

This electric bicycle with automatic balance system will follow you anytime

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Beijing Da Vinci dynamics has launched DC100, a high-performance street electric bicycle with impressive 400 km NEDC autonomy and some strange "robot" skills, such as the so-called self balancing ability, to follow you at any time.To get more news about DC100, you can visit official website.

Some basic specifications are a little difficult to understand. First, although its maximum power is 135 horsepower, which belongs to the category of "fast electrical", the company said that it has "an intelligent control system that perfectly integrates various engines". What now? Multi engine? Another press release said it actually had 137 horsepower and was driven by an engine bushing.
The maximum torque is about 850 nm, but Bush engines usually have wild torque specifications; For example, with an engine bushing, it doesn't even need more than 1000 nm. The DC100 sprints at a speed of 0 to 100 km / h in about 3-4 seconds.

Then there is the battery, a 17.7 kwh unit, with a fast charging capacity of level 3 in 30 minutes. Unless Leonardo da Vinci makes an impressive leap in efficiency, we would say that 400 km autonomy is very optimistic.

Brake ABS and traction control are standard. What's more interesting is the "crawling" function of DC. When you release the brake lever, it will make the motorcycle move forward slowly, just like in an autonomous car.

It has a slow reverse function to get rid of uncomfortable parking conditions, and has the ability to know that it is at an angle to make the slope start assist and automatic soft regenerative braking drop the rechargeable battery, and ensure that it will not accelerate unexpectedly.

"Soon" may be in the OTA software update, which is really strange. "Using EPS and six axis IMU, DC100 will be able to balance itself." EPS, we believe, means electronic power steering, which will enable the motorcycle not to shake without side frame descent. "Imagine that your bike is your running partner."

There is also an app to remotely control the bike, so you can cover your clothes and let your bike approach you quietly from where you park. These do not seem to be an unsolvable problem. We are just very surprised that it has reached a motorcycle production.