I refuse to place money in your pockets EVER again unless you

I refuse to place money in your pockets EVER again unless you

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I refuse to place money in your pockets EVER again unless you immediately make changes to the match. Yes, its only a game, but it's your job to treat it like a passion and livelihood because for us it could be Mut 21 coins over that. It can be a fantastic moment with friends, a break from the actual world, or even only a game. Irrespective of why we played we gave you guys money with the expectation of this bare minimum and you refuse at this stage and even laugh at our faces behaving as if you are putting out the highest quality content, when that is our job to decide and review. Guess what? Answers in. . We've been cheated. You guys clearly don't give a fuck and at this stage I expect 2k puts out a game, since it could be just as good as your sorry matches and I, and a few million other people, would still purchase it as a fuck you to you dick wads. Would you not believe us if we say we miss you guys providing a fuck? It is far more offensive than you men realize and I want you gave a fuck about us....you do not.However, this just honestly does not feel like a match that got any TLC. Granted, it's a tough development year given coronavirus concerns, for many games, but too many things feel undone. Playbooks are so totally untouched I went through the exact same keystrokes I did last year to set my pregame audibles for games against the computer in franchise style.

Speaking of franchise style, aside from some fresh menu coats of paint, that's been completely untouched -- and it is aging horribly. Madden's franchise mode has always been lacking in relation to the greatness of NBA 2K, without a sense of player emotions and hardly any to keep you moving from year to year aside from piling stats up. The closest thing to a new addition is the way veteran players will sometimes ask to"tutor" youngsters, but this is not anything which you hold any true service over.

This is particularly sad because Franchise style is 1 place where Madden really can make strides -- and needs to make strides. The on-field gameplay is generally strong, so maybe the dev team did not want to mess with a fantastic thing. Franchise mode isn't strong. It lacks play, fails to mirror the intrigue of free service and holdouts and the coaching carousel. Or create team chemistry a bigger thing? Or present rivalries with groups which cut celebrity players? Anything? Please?

At least gameplay is solid. Players control with adequate sharpness, and this season particularly, blocks set up more effectively, making a fun racing encounter. Pass-rushing also has received a boost, therefore playing defense is a little more fun. But by and large, this can be the specific same game mechanically that it's been in years past, except with much more little issues. Framerate issues harassed me kickoffs on all three variations of this match, and the character models are aging, also. Even commentary feels mailed in, with neither pregame nor halftime comments ever feeling interesting or impressive. As amazing as buy mut coins madden 21 the game seems, the on-field encounter feels synthetic.

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