How to Select Proper Seat Heights for Children’s Chairs

How to Select Proper Seat Heights for Children’s Chairs

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If a child is going to be spending any extended period of time sitting and reading, working on art project or playing a game, it’s best that they do not use a standard Modern Leisure Chair . The goal is to match a child with an age-appropriate chair, one which allows the child to sit comfortably and fully supports them. Dangling feet may be fun on a swing, but when seated, kids should be able to place their feet on the floor.

Choose Perfect Sizing and Fit

Furniture for kids needs to be designed… well, specifically for kids! Youngsters need to be able to reach it easily and use it comfortably, with no climbing, clambering or moving needed.

When deciding on pieces for your little ones’ rooms, try to avoid shelving that is mounted high on their walls or tall cabinets that they will battle to reach. Chests of drawers should be easily accessible and ideally no taller than their users, and chairs should be size-appropriate and custom-picked according to how old your children are.

Opt for Multifunctional Furnishings

If there’s anything that growing children need, it’s storage space! Youngsters don’t need complicated or fancy furniture, but extra shelves, drawers and storage areas built into their furnishings will never go amiss to stow away toys and books with ease. This will also encourage them to learn to be more organized and to tidy away their belongings regularly.

Consider pieces like children’s beds with built-in drawers underneath them, multi-partitioned closets, storage ottomans and simple storage boxes when finalizing your vision. It’s also essential to keep clutter to a minimum to give them plenty of room to play and learn.

Shop for Durable Items

If you’re a parent, there’s no need to tell you that kids can get boisterous sometimes. Because of this, their furniture needs to be as sturdy and durable as possible to avoid breakage of the items and to keep your darlings safe as well.

Strong chairs and washable tables are great choices, as are reinforced bunk beds, as they save loads of space and you’ll also be prepared for surprise sleepovers. Remember to buy an extra mattress and some additional comfy bedding for this purpose, too!

Personalization is Key

Some adults might adore the minimalist, zen look of Japanese furnishings, but most kids thrive on color, fantasy and fun instead. It’s very important to personalize your little ones’ rooms to make them their favorite parts of your home, especially since this is where they will do the most playing, creating, learning and relaxing.

Get your kids involved with the decision-making process, and choose furniture in their preferred colors and styles where possible. Be sure to add some fun statement pieces to the room, too – a Rubik’s cube storage cabinet or some colorful bean bags will make them feel right at home.

Prepare for Mess!

In his wisdom, Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist.” Kids love to get creative with paint, felt-tips, pencils and chalk – but this could translate into a bit of a headache for you if you have to clean these mediums off of delicate chairs or natural wood tables. It’s a good idea to opt for furniture that is varnished and easy to clean, and also to give your kids a special area in which they can release their creative spirits.

A large wall-mounted easel or chalkboard will work wonders in this regard, and you could even get creative with a large, flat surface like a table and some chalkboard paint for toddlers and younger children. Simply wipe the surface clean when they need a fresh canvas and they will never run out of space to express their creativity.

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